Creating Sound & Vibration Machines Diesel More Smooth with Easy Way


Diesel engine is known as an efficient engine and Fun to Drive (modern Diesel engine air-ECU) because of large torque characteristics since RPM rendah.Hanya just sound & vibration Diesel engines are generally more pronounced than Gasoline engine. But with proper treatment we can actually reduce noise & vibration Diesel engine with quite significant. Several methods that can be done include: 

1. Increase Diesel Fuel Lubricating Power (Solar) Power lubricating diesel (Diesel Fuel) is very important, where Diesel Fuel should be able to provide good lubrication to the pump injection diesel engine. For injection pumps in diesel engines is like a compressor which require lubrication for the piston-piston & plunger-plungernya, for piston compressor work is lighter, the plunger-plunger to work more optimally. Power Diesel Fuel Lubricating sometimes be less than the maximum if the Diesel Fuel contaminated with other substances such as water / kerosene / gasoline or if it gets Paraffin Diesel Fuel with a rather low figure. So to increase the power of Diesel Fuel Lubricating can be done by adding a fuel additive that is lubricant / lubrication or use good-quality Diesel Fuel additive containing complete. Lubricating Power Diesel Fuel injection well to the pump will help reduce the workload of the engine in turning the pump injection. 

2. Increased Cetane Number (CN) Increasing cetane number with Cetane Booster or use Diesel fuel with a high CN (51-54) will also help improve the combustion process in which one effect will also make the sound & vibration Diesel engines become more refined. With a higher cetane number will make the combustion process becomes more 'instant' alias reduce the length of the combustion process or the so-called 'Self Ignition Delay' (SID). SID is what helped make vibration and noise becomes larger Diesel engines, SID due to the use of Diesel Fuel with low CN (48 or lower). 

3. PurgingPembersihan Injector & Nozzle make more perfect carburetion, so that more optimal combustion, influence the vibration machine (See Purging previous article). 

4. Replacement Filters Solar In TeraturFilter diesel that has been lightly compressed, will automatically charge participate in the working pump to suck fuel injection, so that diesel fuel filter should be replaced regularly. 

5. Use of Lubricant Quality 

6. Diesel Engine MountingBagi car that has been aged over 3-4 years or have to travel over 70,000 km engine mounting usually start brittle and somewhat flattened, creating more engine vibration felt in the body of the car. If the engine mounting already brittle / somewhat flattened, then replace the engine mounting. (Note: The age of disposable Engine Mounting each Diesel cars are different.) 
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